Loyalty Has its Benefits

You Can EARN REWARDS Simply for Purchasing the Imax Product Line You Know and Love. At IMAX, we’re dedicated to our customers’ success and profitability. Our Buyer’s Club Loyalty Rewards Program gives you maximum return on your investment with discounts that increase with your level of purchasing.


Q & A

How does the IMAX Buyer’s Club Loyalty Rewards Program work?
The more you spend, the more you save. Your starting level is determined by the total dollar amount of all invoiced purchases from the previous calendar year. All invoiced purchases in the current calendar year count toward the advancement of your reward level. Once you invoice $1,000 in the calendar year, you’re enrolled into the program for that calendar year and the following year.

How do I get started?
You’re automatically enrolled with any order of $1,000 or more, or once your invoiced purchases reach $1000 within the same calendar year.

What is the time frame of the rewards program?
January through December, a 12-month calendar year is the timeframe during which you can work toward your next level. You may also advance levels within the same year. Your total dollar amount invoiced on December 31st of the calendar year will determine your tier level going into the following year.

Can I combine my loyalty rewards with other IMAX promotions?
As long as the order meets the minimum requirements after net and the rules of the promotion do not specify otherwise, yes, you may combine them.

How will I know when I hit the initial $1,000 or if I’m about to reach a higher level?
Your sales rep can provide you with information regarding your level status.

When will I get the discount and how much is it?
Once you’ve invoiced $1,000, you’re in the Beginner’s Club and will receive a 5% discount and 18% flat freight on all your purchases. Discounts grow with every dollar invoiced as you advance toward the next level.

Does IMAX keep track of the dollars spent?
Yes, customer purchases counting toward Buyer’s Club Loyalty Rewards are reviewed monthly.

Will my backorder ship with loyalty rewards?
All backorders over $500 will receive Buyer’s Club Loyalty Rewards Program discounts and freight benefits.

Will I be notified when I hit the next level?
Yes, your sales rep will provide regular updates informing you of your level status and will notify you once it is achieved. At any time, you may contact your sales rep and find out how close you are to even greater savings.

If something is damaged and will be replaced, will freight be charged on the replacement?
No, replacements are shipped free of charge. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of receiving merchandise. Email claim@imaxcorp.com or visit our website at imaxcorp.com to submit a claims form.

Most small accounts do not have a dock and shipping is higher than quoted. How much is the shipping really going to be?
Shipping percentage varies on the tier. There are additional costs from the carrier for inside delivery, lift gate and residential deliveries. Unfortunately, IMAX has no way of knowing what those costs will be in advance due to the variety of individual circumstances. The loyalty discount applies to shipping cost only and does not include costs for additional services.

Are the delivery fees and lift gate fees a standard price?
Standard LTL shipment applies to business locations only. Additional fees for lift gate, inside delivery, delivery appointment, etc. apply. Delivery fees and lift gate fees vary per carrier. Rates are also subject to change without notice.

Once I’m in the Buyer’s Club Loyalty Rewards Program, is there a minimum order amount required for loyalty rewards benefits to take effect?
Yes, orders must meet the minimum $500 required. Orders less than $500 will ship without loyalty rewards and you will pay full freight.