The Live Showroom Experience

With Covid 19 limiting travel, we are bringing our showroom to you. Using video conferencing, your Sales Representative and a Showroom Liaison will take you through our Dallas Market Showroom where you can shop, build a quote, or plan for an upcoming project from virtually anywhere.


Why IMAX Connect?



It’s safe.

Enjoy a contactless shopping experience from the comfort of your home or office.



It’s personalized.

See the products and trend collections you want to see up close. Plus, the Showroom Liaison as videographer can zoom in on details as you shop.



It’s economical and inclusive.

Save money on travel and lodging costs and invite other team members to participate.




It’s convenient.

Make an appointment that fits your schedule. We’re available Monday – Friday from 8am – 8pm CST and on weekends by  appointment.



It’s easy.

To schedule an IMAX Connect experience, simply share your contact information and what you’re interested in seeing during your walk through and we’ll be in touch.






(4.5 stars) – The Best Way

It’s obviously not the most the ideal way but in the situation we are in… its actually the best way to do things.


Beached and Rescue
(5 stars) – A Great Alternative

I would never be able to make the trip… it’s a great alternative.


(4 stars) – Smooth Operator

I didn’t know how it would work virtually but It worked smoothly and I got what I needed.


Transformed Interior Design
(5 stars) – Our Favorite

The first place we start with every client is IMAX… you are absolutely our favorite line.


Dade Lighting
(5 stars) – Partnership

First of all, I’m trying to get a good partner… IMAX seems to have a variety of everything at good prices.