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Throughout the year, our buyers, merchandisers, and product development team introduce new products for our core line as well as curated trend collections in a range of fashion-forward styles incorporating all of our accessory categories. These product stories are the perfect solution for customer sell-through, and make your buying experience fun and easy.


TrendShop_Artemis.jpg TrendShop_Glisten.jpg


TrendShop_Peridot.jpg TrendShop_Transcendence.jpg

Classic Trends

These best selling stories continue to be proven customer favorites.


TrendShop_Capri.jpg TrendShop_Eden.jpg TrendShop_FarmersMarket.jpg TrendShop_Indigo.jpg TrendShop_Intrinsic.jpg
TrendShop_Marigold.jpg TrendShop_Meadow.jpg TrendShop_ModernLakehouse.jpg TrendShop_Orchard.jpg TrendShop_Sienna.jpg TrendShop_SurfsUp.jpg
TrendShop_Neopolitan.jpg TrendShop_Sable.jpg